20. September 2008

Chelyabinsk: Giant Smiley on Google Maps

Citizens of the russian town Chelyabinsk calculated when the satellite QuickBird would cross above their city. QuickBird takes images for Google Earth and Google Maps. They created a giant smiley face. A rock concert on the main square attracted many people and everyone got a yellow cape.

And it worked. The image is on Google Maps. It looks like someone at Google was quicker than usual to put up the new data. Maybe Google likes the idea, that an entire town works hard to get its 15 minutes of fame on Google Maps.

To the right is a screenshot of the Chelyabinsk city center. There are also images taken at the event.

( The figure in the lower left corner is my Weblin )

Update: It looks like they restored the original image. Maybe they do not want to encourage copy cats. After all they are trying to show a realistic view of earth and not a collage of events.

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