20. September 2008

TwiX - a Twitter to Jabber (XMPP) Gateway

Tired of waiting for Jabber device updates from Twitter.com?

Try TwiX ...

...and use your Jabber client to send and receive tweets.

TwiX polls twitter.com for new tweets and sends them to your Jabber account as instant message. It also sends your tweets to twitter.com.


  • Twitter from your Jabber client
  • get tweets to your Jabber client
  • runs on Windows and Linux with .NET and mono
  • Jabber command line + statistics
  • detailed log output
  • many command line options (you won't really need)
  • TwiX runs well on just the 3 account parameters shown below

Release: TwiX-0.5.0.zip (Best ever)
Source code: TwiX-src-0.5.0.zip (MS Visual Studio 2008)
License: 3-clause BSD (Use it but don't sue me)

Sample command line:
% twixd -twitter my-twitter-token:my-twitter-token-secret
-xmpp my-real-jid@jabber.org
-client my-twitter-gateway@jabber.org/TwiX:gateway-password

Command line options:
-twitter : # required: twitter oauth token and secret, colon separated
-xmpp # required: your Jabber ID to send/receive tweets
-client : # required: an arbitrary Jabber account to be used by this Jabber client as a relay, colon separated
-interval # optional (default=120) twitter polling interval
-hideself # optional (default=yes) hide my own status updates
-xmppresponse # optional (default=yes) tell me about the submission status
-xmppupdates # optional (default=yes) send updates at all
-xmppreconnectinterval # optional (default=30) XMPP reconnect interval
-loglevel # optional (default=user) max log level
-logfile # optional (default=) log file name
-logconsole # optional (default=yes) log to console
-version # optional: print version info
-help # optional: this text

Jabber command line:
/twix quit
/twix reload
/twix stats
/twix resetstats
/twix set xmppresponse <on|off>
/twix set xmppupdates <on|off>


4 Kommentare:

Anonym hat gesagt…

What kind of license is used for this project? Sources available?

Heiner hat gesagt…

License: 3-clause BSD
Sources: just published

saxx hat gesagt…

thanks a lot, works great!

Caue C M Rego hat gesagt…

In the README you say to use win-twix.sh but I believe you meant linux-twix.sh

Plus, I managed to use gateways/transport directly from a server before... Why not adding this the same way to any given host?

It would be nice if you contact some host to do it. The one I used was jabber.meta.net.nz