19. Mai 2017

CSS Customize Visual Studio Online Task Board - Remove Columns And Make it Denser

I use Visual Studio Online task board a lot for Scrum projects. But I do not like how much screen space it takes primarily because of lots of empty space.

So, I remove the empty space:

  • I do not need the "To be tested" and "Testing" columns.
  • The cards could be smaller with less margins and paddings
That's it.

I use Tampermonkey to inject CSS into the page.

Just install the Tampermonkey Chrome/Firefox extension and use this script:


More info, less white (grey) space.


PS: Once you have Tampermonkey you will see lots of opportunities to change the layout of web sites. You don't have to live with it. You can change it. There are also lots of scripts online: google Tampermonkey scripts.