19. Mai 2017

CSS Customize Visual Studio Online Task Board - Remove Columns And Make it Denser

I use Visual Studio Online task board a lot for Scrum projects. But I do not like how much screen space it takes primarily because of lots of empty space.

So, I remove the empty space:

  • I do not need the "To be tested" and "Testing" columns.
  • The cards could be smaller with less margins and paddings
That's it.

I use Tampermonkey to inject CSS into the page.

Just install the Tampermonkey Chrome/Firefox extension and use this script:


More info, less white (grey) space.


PS: Once you have Tampermonkey you will see lots of opportunities to change the layout of web sites. You don't have to live with it. You can change it.

For example: a script which make visual studio build colors more pronounced to counter my red-green-color weakness:

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