26. November 2008

Simple Remote Procedure Call - Array Response

SRPC-ArrayResponse is an extension to SRPC. SRPC-ArrayResponse carries an array of key/value lists as response.

Multiple key/value lists could be encoded as SRPC values with an appropriate escaping and encoding for each list. But SRPC-ArrayResponse presents a standardized way to represent an array of key/value lists instead of the usual one dimensional list.

The normal SRPC response looks like:

  1. a=b
  2. c=d

The ArrayResponse allows for multiple values of similar keys:

  1. 0:a=b
  2. 0:c=d
  3. 1:a=b1
  4. 1:c=d1
  5. 2:a=b2
  6. 2:c=d2

The ArrayResponse allows for multiple values of similar keys:

  1. Status=1
  2. 0:Filename=sp.gif
  3. 0:Data/Encoding=base64
  4. 0:Data/Type=image/gif
  6. 1:Filename=sp2.gif
  7. 1:Data/Encoding=base64
  8. 1:Data/Type=image/gif

The extension looks very similar to SRPC-Batch. The difference is that SRPC-Batch transfers multiple requests and multiple responses in a single transaction whereas SRPC-ArrayResponse has only one request and an item list in the response.

Rationale: the decoder can be shared for both cases. It is always clear how to interpret the array, because you know, if you expect an array response or multiple responses.

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