5. Juni 2009

Listen to Engineering

This is a corporate culture I like:

"Palantir runs a tight ship, providing vital information on an internal wiki, keeping meetings concise and striving to hire candidates with “an engineering mindset, even in our administrative people,” McGrew says.

The division of the company devoted to government products has only one ten-minute meeting every week to make sure developers and managers are on the same page and to discuss prospective customers. There is also a company policy against using PowerPoint decks.

The company is also unique in that it doesn’t have any soft-skills marketing or sales personnel. All customer-facing employees have degrees in computer science or symbolic systems and are capable of walking customers through software installations and debugging. This has helped Palantir build tighter relationships with its clients."

We are in a technology business. Technology is king. Engineering knows what to do. Of course many other people also know and we need their input. But if engineering fails to know, then the company is doomed anyway. No technology agnostic, smart ass business developer, investor relations, sales driven product management can save it then. It's the technology, stupid. Get over it.

To hell with your "how to manage companies the old way" books. To hell with "IT is a service department". To hell with your "great managers who sell bad decisions for good, because they once though they were good and can not admit that they turned out bad".

This is technology and you listen to us!

You don't believe me, because I am just a techie? Maybe you believe IMVU or Toyota: http://startuplessonslearned.blogspot.com/2008/11/sciencedaily-corporate-culture-is-most.html


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