29. März 2009

IETF MMOX live in XMPP and Weblin

The MMOX BOF has been cast into Second Life and and Forterra. There was also a XMPP chat room: mmox@jabber.ietf.org. Since weblin is pure XMPP I could also participate with a weblin client.

This is the BOF from the weblin perspective.

There are many people on the page and in the room. All except me with the default avatar. Of course, there was no weblin user present. People joined with one of many available Jabber clients. vCard avatars would represent people, but amazingly none of the participants has a vCard avatar. This is a far cry from the Jabber developer room where more than 50% have a vCard with avatar.

BTW: the MMOX BOF in german end user language.


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