3. März 2009

Weblin is a Major Virtual World Example

The discussion is still going on the mmox mailing list about what the MMOX WG is going to do. David Levine from IBM posted a very good proposal to define the scope of the WG.

Now comes the point: in chapter 3. "The problem space" there is a list of virtual world platforms, the who is who of massively multiplayer and it includes .... weblin.

"The group's roots, and interests are largely, but not exclusively shaped by Virtual Worlds, including MMO games, Virtual worlds, Collaboration and Simulation Environments and shared online streaming environments. Examples of these platforms include, but are not limited to World Of Warcaft, ProtonSphere, Eve Online, Forterra's OLIVE platform, Club Penguin, Linden Lab's Second Life, IMVU, There.com, Croquet, OpenSimulator.org, Weblins."

Isn't that great.
Well, 3 Mio users is really not bad and 1/3 of the Second Life's online population either.


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schön gemacht!

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3 cheers to Weblin