15. Mai 2009

Tencent’s virtual goods revenues keep growing during recession

China is always different. But here are indications that virtual goods remain strong during the economic downturn. Virtual goods are "small entertainment". "Big entertainment" like TV-sets and Porsches seem to sell worse. But it looks like people can still afford single dollars (or yuan) for one or the other virtual good, that makes life sweeter during recession.

There are also hints, that especially childrens' pocket money is recession proof. When did you see the latest reduction of pocket money? It was probably because of a family dispute over school marks rather than because of problems with the family income. In other words: it takes a long time until recession arrives in the pockets of children.

I recommend this article to all people, who do not believe in virtual goods, especially investors and a "great manager". Even those who admit that there is something to virtual goods, but still believe that virtual goods will dive, while advertisement revenues will always grow, please read.

When we said that Facebook earns already 40. Mio. $ with virtual goods half a year ago, we got a reply: "I don't belive it". Well, could be much more on the entire platform soon. Seems not only China is different but also Facebook. Maybe it's not the world that is "different". Maybe some people differ from the world.


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