29. Juli 2010

IBM recommends XMPP for Realtime Web Apps

There is a new tutorial from IBM about how to build modern realtime web apps. In the tutorial IBM suggests using XMPP, BOSH from JavaScript. It is worth reading.


This is exactly how weblin.lite was built 2 years. Even including the HTTP proxy to circumvent the JavaScript security limitation, tunneling XMPP through HTTP with BOSH, using a real XMPP server for message routing and a JavaScript XMPP client library to communicate. Also: jQuery, Ajaj, XML, JSON, WebServices, mysql. Basically, all the cool web-tech stuff we like.

Congrats to the weblin dev team. The best dev team I've ever had.


Yes, we have been there. Now it is so much a standard, that IBM recommends the technology. It will be picked up by many others and we are already the experts. So much for certain ignorant investors and business angels, who do not recognize technology in their portfolio, even if it jumps into their face. We will be there without you.

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