2. August 2010

Tokyo Impressions

Brooklyn bridge and Statue of Liberty. A view from across the bay of Tokyo back to the Tokyo skyline (part of it). The skyline of Tokyo goes around the bay, very impressive.

The view is from Daiba, a resort complex with shops, restaurants, artificial woods and beautiful sand beach. There are restaurant boats slowly moving across the bay's arm. What looks like the Brooklyn bridge is actually the Rainbow bridge.
On Sunday I did the tourist thing: visiting temples, shrines, markets and the big shopping quarters.

At a budism temple - for a 100 yen contribution -I got a look at my future fortune. By chance (or maybe not) I seemed to be the luckiest guy.

This paper says "Best fortune: your dream will come true, if sick will heal quickly, person I am waiting for will come". The locals say, that this is the best one can get.

Lets see what the future holds.
The big KLab 10 year anniversary party. All 200 employees where there. The COO was DJ with hoody (Kaputzenpulli), his normal office dress. CEO gave a cool show on the stage. Lots of entertainment including the company's own girl band (!). People are very kind. I liked it very much.

Alcohol for free like beer, whisky. Unfortunately no RedBull for the wodka available. Started with Coke. Later I specialized on "umeshu rokku", apricot liquor on the rocks. Just say to the bar keeper: "umeschulokku".

Tokyo by night on the way back.

Just like any other city for a small person in a big street. But clean and very safe.

This was a good week.


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